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My name is Alitha Evelyn Martinez. My professional career began in 1999 penciling Iron Man for Marvel Entertainment. Since then, it’s been a great ride getting to work on titles like X-Men; Black Sun; Marvel Age Fantastic Four; Black Panther; Voltron; NBC’s Heroes; New 52 Bat Girl; Archie Comic’s New Crusaders, and currently WWE Superstars and WWE Slam City for Paper Cutz. I’ve done larger projects that required more than just penciling and inking in graphic novels like Vampire: My Boyfriend Bites; Kung Fu Masters; Quest for Dragon Mountain for Lerner Publications; also, Political cartooning for the New York Post. In my spare time I work on my creator-owned titles Yume and Ever, Foreign, and Ningyo, which I publish through my company, Ariotstorm Productions, LLC.


Foreign: Modern Savages Book 1

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Foreign Modern Savages Book 2: Damnatio Memoriae